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Do I need a backrest on my Bambach Saddle Seat?

The open hip angle and straddle posture supports the lumbar curve without a back rest. Traditional "ergonomic" chairs support your lumbar curve by pushing into your back. This is not the case in a Saddle Seat.

In activities that are static in nature, for example, dentistry, surgery, drafting, art, clerical work, and high bench work, a Saddle Seat with a backrest can be helpful. If you select a model with a backrest, use it just as a restpoint.

Lean against the backrest while you rest, listen, talk, or when you sit back to think. You should not need the backrest for most upright and forward work.

Take care not to position the backrest so far forward that it pushes you onto the front pommel of the seat. In the Saddle Seat there should be no back rest pressure pushing into your back.