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How high should I position my work station?

If you normally work at a traditional office or computer desk, you need to raise it to benefit from the Bambach Saddle Seat. Place a shim under the desk legs (for example, using Raise Its, wood or bricks). Your knee joint should ideally be at a 45 degrees angle.

Raise your computer screen so that the screen's top edge is opposite your eyebrow, and keyboard just below wrist level - wrists just below elbow level - shoulders and neck relaxed.

If you usually work on a high drafting stool or in a standing posture, use the Bambach Saddle Seat with a footring.

If your work height is lower than recommended, you may have to tuck your feet under the Saddle Seat. This limits your mobility in the seat and your spinal postures will be less than ideal. Even so, this may be preferable to a traditional task chair if your work requires reaching forward. Many occupations require working at a lower than ideal height, for example, pre school teachers, car door assembly work, podiatrists, and nurses operating dialysis machines.