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How long does it take to get used to the Bambach Saddle Seat?

(i) Start by using the seat no more than one hour each day. It may take a few weeks to get used to the Bambach, often alternating between a flat seat & your Bambach helps the adjustment phase. If you have been sitting with poor posture for many years, your body will need time to adjust - your hips may be tight and will need time to stretch out; your abdominal and back muscles may be unaccustomed to upright postures and will need time to tone. Be patient.

Explore all seat tilt and height variations. Small adjustments will change the distribution of pressures. You may be more comfortable with the sheepskin seat cover, which both softens the seat and widens the support surface.

(ii) If the seat has a backrest it is important for the first few weeks to push the back as far back as possible so that you are using the seat only.

(iii) Adjust the tilt forward until you are comfortable. This will improve and as it does, adjust the seat tilt closer to the neutral (flat) position.

(iiii) Some people experience tightness in thighs and hips. Again your body will adjust. The position with your knees apart greatly reduces the chance of hip joint disease at a later age. Tight muscles, tendons and ligaments will soften and relax, which is desirable.