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What is the advantage of the Bambach Saddle Seat?

(i) Good task seating should:

Rotate the pelvis upright and position the body's centre of gravity over the Ischial tuberosities (these are our seat bones).

  • Keep the spinal column in its neutral curves.
  • Open up the thorax (chest) and abdomen to allow full function of the lungs and abdominal organs.
  • Assist blood and lymphatic circulation.
  • Enhance muscle tone as the position is active rather than inactive.
  • Ensure that work can be performed easily with major joints at minimum stress because they are within mid-range of their function.
  • Ensure that the user can function optimally.

*The Bambach Saddle Seat does ALL of the above

Conventional seating cannot provide these outcomes. In conventional seating the centre of gravity is behind the seat bones with the pelvis rolled back and the lumbar spinal curve flattened, necessitating stressful muscular activity to maintain the upright position for work. The Saddle Seat places the centre of gravity over the seat bones by stabilising the pelvis in its upright, neutral position which ensures the spine is also in its neutral curves. The hip joints are in abduction and external rotation which ensures a close contact position. The ball of the femur, being now comfortably within the socket of the pelvis results in less stress on these joints.

Bambach Saddle Seat's high, straddle posture supports and stabilizes your body, freeing your hands and feet for work and movement. It is easy to move about in your workspace, to reach equipment, or to reach a foot switch. This stable, straddle posture also improves hand accuracy and power, and improves sitting balance. It is the ideal sitting posture. The hip joints rest in a relaxed open position and the spine is in perfect balance. The unique seat contour ensures you'll bend forward from your hips, not from your back.

(ii) The straddle position with knees apart has "preventive value against future hip disease" Prof.Dr. G. Schumoe.Orthopedic University Hospital. Bonn. Germany

(iii) In the upright position supported by the Saddle Seat, your diaphragm is not pushed up into your vital organs so your body functions better than on a normal seat. Your abdominal organs e.g. lungs, liver, alimentary tract, etc. are not compressed and not pressing onto the bladder and bowel.