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Who should use the Bambach Saddle Seat?

Anyone who wants perfect posture in a task seat.

The Bambach Saddle Seat is ideal for people who work with their hands, such as dentists, surgeons, assembly workers, lab workers, hairdressers, grocery clerks, artists, therapists, musicians, teachers.

You will especially benefit from the Bambach Saddle Seat if your work involves:

  • Close work requiring accuracy with excellent eye-hand co-ordination;
  • A lot of reaching;
  • Moving your body along with your arms;
  • Work spread out over a large area;
  • Varying work heights;
  • Viewing closely or at odd angles;
  • Long periods of standing;
  • Getting up and down often from your seat.

eg. Dentists, Surgeons, Machine Operators, Computer Operators, Artists, Nurses in Dialysis and Maternity.

If you suffer from painful conditions of the neck, back, or upper limbs, or if you have a neurological or musculoskeletal condition, you may also benefit from using the Bambach Saddle Seat.