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The Bambach is customised for you!

Many professions require us to be seated for up to 8 hours a day, sometimes even more! No matter who you are or where you work, the Bambach Saddle Seat can provide you with optimal seating ergonomics. By having ergonomic back support seating you will eliminate neck, shoulder and back pain associated with sitting for long periods on a conventional office chair. Using the Bambach Saddle Seat ensures that your spine naturally retains its 'S' shape as you sit, stretch or lean. The Bambach Saddle Seat is used by thousands of people worldwide in professions such as dentistry, office work, medical and health, WHS, Special Needs, and the veterinary industry. It is the original saddle seat and still the best!

It's not just a's a scientific solution

The Bambach is the original saddle seat and has been scientifically proven and ergonomically tested to:

  • Eliminate back, neck and shoulder pain.
  • Maintain the natural “S” curvature of the spine, rather than an unnatural crunched “C” shape.
  • Prevent problems associated with poor posture, ranging from mild discomfort to debilitating pain.
  • Improve balance – the wide foot stance provides balance to work with precision.


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